Every time you feel the wind in your face, hear a voice, or recall a memory, that information is moving between billions of brain cells along trillions of connections. The signals that whizz and fizz through these networks allow you to do what you do.

The route that a piece of information takes through neurons around your brain is called a pathway, and the more you use a pathway, the more defined it gets. A bit like a well-trodden track through a field or forest – the more people walk on it, the easier it is for others to walk there too.

That’s why when you learn something new – maybe you take up a new hobby, walk a new route to work or learn a new language or even a new way to do something – it can seem challenging, but as you repeat tasks you forge or ‘wire’ stronger pathways in your brain and eventually they become second nature.

Brain 101 serves up the basics on how your brain works and how MS affects it.

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